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How It Works

It works basically the same way whether you are an individual doing a one-time sale, a real estate agent helping your sellers, an HOA or neighborhood sale, a church bazaar, a street fair, or even a small estate sale liquidator.

We create a personalized webpage and post all your For Sale items. You use that specific URL address to market your sale. We do all the technical stuff for you. Some may want to list every item for sale. Others (perhaps an HOA neighborhood sale) may just want to list Featured Items to get people come to the sale.  

We typically charge a low flat fee based on the number of items we post. But, if you are a real estate agent helping sellers or a small estate liquidation business for instance, we will work with you to find a price solution that works for the situation.

If you need more help like photography, staging or post-sale cleanup, we can arrange to have that done. Read the FAQs here


You have MORE CONTROL over the pricing, finding serious buyers, who comes into your home and when. Many people prefer selling by appointment – you don’t give out your address until you’ve spoken to the buyer.  You still have the option of having an ONSITE SALE at your home, but an ONLINE SALE allows you to do both and provides a lot more time to sell your items at a decent price.  If you have the time to host your own sale, you will put a LOT more money in your pocket.

Buyers benefit too. They can shop ONLINE at their leisure in the safety and comfort of their own home. These serious shoppers can then contact you directly to set up an appointment with you to buy and pick up the items.


Get A Free Phone Consultation

Let’s chat about your situation. Contact me with your phone number. No obligation. 


Decide How Much Help You Need

Check out the Pricing page to see the services. If you only need a private personalized webpage to display sale items, then you are ready to start.


Download The Sales Inventory Sheet

Download the free Sales Inventory Template and get started. Take photos and write item descriptions. Then send everything to us.


We Create Your Private Webpage

After we create your private webpage with photos and descriptions, we email you a link. You use the link in your marketing (newspaper ad, Next Door, etc.).