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About Me and Southern Arizona Estate Sales

I am a full time Green Valley, Arizona resident with a long history in design, merchandising, and marketing. I don’t know how to retire. I decided to start up Southern Arizona Estate Sales because I saw a need for services between estate liquidators who do it all (for a hefty commission) and posting items for sale on Facebook or Next Door.  Read more about me on my personal website.

My experience with moving? At last count it was 35 moves! Not exaggerating, but I think that’s in keeping with elephant migrations. And some of those moves were not only out of state but completely across the country. I have lived on both coasts including Hawaii, and California to North Carolina and New Hampshire and places in-between including Colorado, Texas, and Arizona (twice). I’ve had more than my share of moving “experiences”. 

Unfortunately, I actually consider myself an expert at moving. I know how to throw things out, merchandize a sale, organize, advertise, pack efficiently, and manage movers. Plus, I’ve been in internet technologies for…a long time.

Read more about How it Works here or Contact Me for more information or a free phone consult. 

Green Valley Annex Bookstore in the Green Valley Village  Located between the Green Valley Barber shop on one side and Moqah-Coffee.  101 S La Canada, Suite 58
Green Valley AZ 

A private, donation-funded, volunteer, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our vision is A Home for Every Pet


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will liquidators work with me if I don’t have a big estate? A general rule of thumb: If you have less than $10,000 worth of

Safety Tips

A lot of people love estate sales. It’s something to do on a weekend whether they are interested in buying something or not. We all