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MOVING - downsizing - selling a home?

A few options

  • Estate liquidators – a good choice if you have a LOT of sales value and you don’t mind giving up the hefty commission (40-50% – or more, plus other hidden costs)
  • If you don’t have too much stuff you can do a garage sale or post a few things on Facebook
  • If you’re selling a house with a realtor – let the realtor do the work. If you’re selling a home by owner, you’ll need to do some marketing

we have another option

  • Your own personalized temporary webpage (don’t worry – we do all the technical stuff)
  • You host your own sale ONLINE and/or ONSITE

Who can use this service

Any person or business that needs a temporary webpage to sell or announce something

  • Individuals doing a one-time moving or estate sale
  • Individuals selling a home “By Owner”
  • Real Estate agents helping a seller
  • A business leasing an office space
  • Estate liquidators that want to add an online option
  • Neighborhoods, HOAs, church bazaars, street fairs

Why use this service

  • More privacy. No need to put your personal address and contact info into a newspaper classified or on a flier – just put in your personal web link
  • More information can be provided than in an expensive classified ad or on a flier or street sign
  • Save big money. Unless you have a good reason to use an estate liquidator, do it yourself and keep the money
  • A wider and longer marketing reach
  • You only need a temporary webpage for an occasional event

Tips and Resources


I am a full time Green Valley, Arizona resident with a long history in design, merchandising, marketing, and internet technologies including web design. I started Southern Arizona Estate Sales because I saw a need for services between estate liquidators, who do it all (for a hefty commission), and posting a few items for sale on Facebook or Next Door.

My experience with moving?
At last count it was 35 moves (as an adult)! Not exaggerating, and I think that’s in keeping with elephant migrations. And some of those moves were not only out of state but completely across the country. I have lived on both coasts including Hawaii, and California to North Carolina and New Hampshire and places in-between including Colorado, Texas, and Arizona (twice). I’ve had more than my share of moving “experiences”. 

Unfortunately, I am an expert at moving. 
I know how to throw things out, merchandize a sale, organize, advertise, pack efficiently, and manage movers. 

Read more about me on my personal website  Read more about How it Works here or Contact Me for a phone consult. 

DJ Lynn

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